The Ultra niche perfume house of Al Shareef Oudh has shown to us a form of luxury perfumery we didn’t know about.

This has nothing to do with price or presentation but rather with the way their fragrances are created.

From producing all their own ingredients, macerations and compositions, to the way they create each of their perfumes. With techniques that pay a homage to their ancestors, those who pioneered the arts of perfumery and therefore, sharing  their creations with kings and royalty from the Middle East.

These perfumes have a rich history and uniqueness and they have a beastly performance as their oils are extremely highly concentrated.

Al Shareef Oudh is a brand that has helped us to understand the core and root of perfumery a little more and that is why we wanted to share them with you.

Check about availability of this ultra niche brand and see what we mean.


April 04, 2022 — Daniel and Maruša Zamorano